At McKesson Patient Care Solutions (MPCS), we are dedicated to making the business of healthcare more efficient. 

Together with our customers, we are creating solutions to enhance patient care. We invite you to learn why more payers, healthcare providers and patients choose MPCS.

MPCS provides access to medical supplies, insurance payers, distribution services and technology to better serve our customers. With fast, efficient and exceptional service from MPCS, healthcare professionals and patients know they truly have a supplier that focuses on their needs.

As part of McKesson Medical-Surgical, we provide products to patients through a strategic network of distribution centers nationwide. Our solutions help facilitate more effective patient care. 


More Insurance Plans Accepted

As a participating provider with Medicare and most Medicaid plans and a contracted supplier with hundreds of managed care plans, MPCS helps payers by providing access to diagnosis-specific products and solutions that may lead to better health outcomes for their members.

MPCS has the ability to:

  • Supply more than 200,000 medical products
  • Interface with payer portals
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Answer questions via live chat


More Products to Meet More Patient Needs

We understand the products we supply are important to your patient’s quality of life. That’s why we offer products from a wide range of manufacturers in these categories:

  • Wound Care
  • Urological
  • Ostomy
  • Tracheostomy
  • Breast Pumps
  • Diabetic Care 1
  • Incontinence

Brand requests are typically honored if products are stocked by MPCS.


Exceptional Service for Healthcare Professionals and Patients 

We also provide these services to our customers:

  • Initial patient orders are shipped for delivery next business day and patients who reorder typically receive products within one to two business days.2  There is no charge for standard shipping.
  • Product specialists are available to take orders and answer questions about products.
  • We are a contracted supplier with hundreds of managed care payers and are a participating provider with Medicare and many Medicaid plans.
  • Insurance specialists verify benefits for products and quantities of reimbursable supplies the patients' insurance will cover.
  • A variety of ordering options (phone, fax and electronic) are available.


More Clinical Support Helps Deliver More Effective Care

In keeping with a commitment to patient care, healthcare providers have access to our wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) nurses. These knowledgeable clinicians are able to:

  • Provide specialized support regarding product choices and insurance coverage guidelines. 
  • Assist healthcare professionals with their patients' resupply plans.
  • With healthcare provider's consent, answer patients' questions regarding product use. 


1 As a result of regulatory changes effective July 1, 2013, McKesson Patient Care Solutions Inc. is not able to provide diabetic care supplies to patients using Medicare Part B benefits.
2 Shipping is contingent upon receiving product authorization from the insurance payer if required and a physician’s order if required by state law for the product and does not apply to incontinence products and breast pumps.